Recently I needed some help. I had a problem and had exhausted everything I knew to do. Finally, I prayed (you know, the very thing I should have done at first). The Lord reminded me of a situation that Daniel faced (Daniel, from Daniel and the lion’s den). Talk about a problem… the king was about to kill him and his friends because he was mad at some other advisers. What do you do? He couldn’t call the police. There were none. Only soldiers and executioners.

Daniel was able to ask the king for a little more time to get the answer. He and his friends prayed — and God gave him the answer that night. In Daniel 2:23 we see him thanking God for receiving the answer to their prayers:

God of my ancestors, I thank and praise you.
You gave me wisdom and power.
You told me the answer to our question.
You told us what the king wants to know. (GWT)

Wow! Now that’s an answer!  So, my next thought was, “What did he pray to get such a quick and complete response from God?”  The prayer is in Daniel 2:18:

He told them to ask the God of heaven to be merciful and to explain this secret to them so that they would not be destroyed with the rest of the wise advisers in Babylon. (GWT)

That was it? Mercy and an explanation? You mean all he did was ask for mercy and then the thing he needed? Yes, that was it. Well, I could do that… I mean, my problem paled in comparison to Daniel’s. Mine wasn’t life or death. Even if it was, God did it for Daniel. He would do it for me.

So I asked… Mercy! Help! Answers! Please! And it worked. I started to see what to do.

Jesus doesn’t want us fretting over problems we cannot solve. He is the Answer. Jesus said this in John 16:24:

So far you haven’t asked for anything in my name.  Ask and you will receive so that you can be completely happy. (GWT)

What do you do when you don’t know what to do? Ask God for mercy and answers. He will give them to you.